Welcome to my Library

Scriptoria Mea is the latest incarnation of my personal website. It takes its name from the Latin for “personal archive”. It may be a pretentious name, but I thought it more fitting then “My Library”.

What you’ll find here…

This site primarily hosts my fan fiction. I write for a variety of fandoms. Currently, these fandoms include Torchwood, NCIS, Criminal Minds, and Harry Potter. The majority of my work consists of alternate universes or alternate crossover universes. Stories set in the Torchwood universe are generally set before or instead of the third series, commonly known as Torchwood: Children of Earth.

Reader Advisory

All visitors to this website are hereby advised that many of the stories located on this site contain explicit adult content. This content may include, and not be limited to, graphic violence, graphic sexual content, explicit sexual content, homosexual relationships, sadomasochistic practices and other such content.

Please read responsibly. If any of the above content disturbs you, please do not read the stories containing those warnings.

The site owners are not responsible if you ignore these warnings and continue reading anyway.

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